Origin Boardshop’s Preliminary Filming (Aug. 3, 2013)

aug 3  two other OBS ambassadors
Two more Origin Fans – Jacob and Ruben… 2nd and 5th graders… Go Origin Ambassadors!
aug. 3 chilling
The boys chilling before their session in front of Origin Boardshop…
aug. 3 ryan and justin
Ryan and Justin came by today to help with some filming and picked up their new Origin Tees…
aug. 3 with dominos
Late day Dominos session at Origin… REFUEL for our next video session…
aug. 3 with melvin
Melvin helpied us out today… 14yrs old.. BMX’r…
aug.3 with austin
Austin from La Habra Highschool doing some skating at Origin today at our Video shoot…
skateboard parking
Skateboard parking Zone at Origin Boardshop. Quiz: Who owns these skateboards?
aug.3 with ryan
Ryan getting some air on his new Skateboard from Origin… he’s still got it!
austin aug 3
Austin from La Habra Highschool. Catch him with his new Origin Tee!
motorized board
A closer look at the motorized long board… Grip the lever for power and speed.. no brakes.
aug.3 event filming
We had a great time today and made a lot of new friends… Great Video day guys…! We’ll be doing more sessions soon!!
aug.3 with shivam
We got Shivam off the skateboard today and had him jamming on our motorized skateboard.. Propane powered.. it was fast… Go Shivam!
aug. 3 with new ambassadors
Welcome Artie and Alberto from Buena Park and La Vista Highschool… new Ambassadors for Origin! They helped us with some filming today too..
aug. 3 with joe cedillo
We had a NICE! session with Joe Cedillo today.. What a firecracker!! He’s an up and coming skater… keep an eye out for him… Lots of videos of him coming soon…. (from Tustin C E Utt Middle)