Origin Boardshop Goes to the Annual Skate/Surf/Street/Action Show 2013 at Long Beach, CA

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Origin Boardshop at the Annual Skate/Surf/Street/Action Show in Long Beach CA!
The Agenda Show in Long Beach Welcomes The Origin Team – July 2013!
Who can identify this man?
Team Origin hanging out w/ Team Toy Machine. Just Chillin…
A peek into Freestyle’s upcoming watch line! You saw it here first guys!!
Supra makes some of the best skate shoes (shoes period!) in the business… We have them at Origin!

Team Origin photographed in the wild! Looking sharp guys!

Hanging out with Santa Cruz, Independent, Mob Grip, Flip….

New Herschel Supply Backbacks and bags coming to Origin… Who likes Herschel gear?
Team Origin hanging out at the DC Shoes Show Booth… There were tons of new shoes and apparel to see…
LRG makes alot of fresh threads… their staff was getting down w/ Origin.. 100% support from LRG! Thank you..
We’re hoping to offer Vans Shoes at Origin very soon! Who wants Vans?
The most interesting Beer keg we found at the Show… Mother’s Milk… and Origin was all over it….
A closer look at Emerica’s never before seen footwear… coming in 2014! This is their skate line.. (for the cooler kids..)
An inside peek at what we do.. Team Origin in a meeting with the rep from Asphalt Yacht Club… We’ll be getting a shipment in very soon!
C1RCA had some cool new shoes and clothing for 2014 ready to go!! We’re excited to offer the brand to our fans…
We’re thinking about bringing some Diamond Supply Clothing in.. what do you think guys? Should we let them in our store?
Stance socks had some fresh foot covers on display for 2014… Origin has Stance socks for men, women and kids!
Asphalt Yacht Club might be the next big thing in street and skate apparel! Who can recognize the young man I highlighted?
Check out the new styles from Neff… Origin carries the full line of Neff gear including beanies, sunglasses, watches and hats..
Kr3w has been supporting Origin from the very beginning.. they make some of the best jeans in the business…. Kr3w+Origin = awesome!

Who remembers the Magic Unicorn I mentioned a few posts back? Well here it is.. a Unicorn! Courtesy of Spy Optics.. The happy eyewear company…

Hookup decks.. looks a bit fettish to me… Asian girls and Anime on skate decks.. hm.. I have mixed feelings about this.. What do you guys think?

Z-Flex had some new decks to show off at the show… The black ones come in several different sizes… Origin is a proud dealer of Zflex Skateboards and decks!
Troy Lee Designs makes some of the sickest Motocross gear in the world! Here they are this weekend showing off their classic racer bike… They some cool clothing too..
We were excited to see the new GShock watches ready to ship for Christmas! The guy in the picture is our Gshock representative.. What’s he writing on his notepad? hm..
Here’s the lovely Lisa from Crooks and Castles giving out some love for Origin! Bang bang! (is that cash in her hands?.. we had to pay her to hold up that sign.. haha)
We were very fortunate to check out Vonzipper’s new 2014 collection… crazy translucent looking frames.. Be sure to check them out when they’re released later this year!!
Checking out the new 2014 line from Crooks and Castles! Most of the new clothing looks fresh and edgy! Some a bit out there… but who knows.. somebody may wear it… Origin all over this thing! The pretty lady in the middle is Mink, our rep from Crooks..
Lost is a leader in Surfboards and surf apparel. We also carry their skateboard line… Check them out at Origin… The guy on the top right is our Lost Representative.. Surf on!
We had a blast with Sector 9! They were grilling hotdogs, serving drinks and everyone was in a drunkin stupor! It was a beach party to remember… I’m sure glad I brought my suntan lotion….
We had a blast with Sector 9! They were grilling hotdogs, serving drinks and everyone was in a drunkin stupor! It was a beach party to remember… I’m sure glad I brought my suntan lotion….
Rainbow sandals was excited to meet with us this weekend. They’d love to have Rainbow in our store. What do you think guys and gals? Should we partner with Rainbow? Anyone here love Rainbow Sandals?
Freewaters is a new sandals and footwear company that cares about clean water. Check them out…. Here’s our company representative Kenny having fun w/ Origin and Freewater… I think we have a great combination…
Electric Visual will be releasing a line of watches and revamping their sunglass line with an updated logo. The new stuff is very cool… watches are comparable to Nixon.. All around nice stuff.. Be sure to check them out at Origin!
“Sanuk”… You know them as comfortable everyday sandals… but did you know that Sanuk is actually a foreign word? It means “fun” in Thai… When you wear a pair of Sanuks, you can’t help but smile and have a good time…. So let’s have Sanuk! *Available at Origin!
Arnette Eyewear is huge in action sports! Here’s a picture of an upcoming collaboration with Thrasher magazine! They also have a line of sunglasses with interchangeable arms… It’s like getting multiple pairs for the price of one… Made in Italy!!! Can you say Spaghetti!!
Spy Optics makes some of the coolest shades for action and motocross… Here’s a peek at their new “foldable” sunglass line… Spy sunglasses also apparently make you “happier”… hm…. Can anyone attest to this? Does it have anything to do w/ the power of the unicorn?
This is a clothing line from Australia. They’ve been in the US for a while now, and been doing very well selling in Nordstrom and other expensive boutiques. Origin may bring in some of their Skate/Action wear line… who’s heard of Zanerobe? They make some amazing quality tops and bottoms…
Vestal makes some of the coolest watches on the planet. We were lucky enough to meet the owner and founder Johnny this weekend and get the scoop on their new 2014 line… Here’s a pic.. sshh… it’s top secret.. and all very cool looking on your wrist… Find them at Origin very very soon… Nixon who? What? Go Vestal!
Final Skate session before we call it a day… skating off stairs at the Long Beach Convention Center…