Stevie K – Yelp Reviewer – Unknown Hater

Stevie K Hate Review on Yelp

Stevie K Hate Review on YelpDon’t you love these random online reviews by faceless online losers?  Take the case of a “Steve K”, who just happened to leave us a hate review on Yelp.

Posted in August 2013, and registered as a user on Yelp on August 2013.  1 review to his ID.  Ours.

An anonymous hater who’s never been to the shop and never met anyone from the Origin Team.  If he did, he’d know everyone is very chill and friendly.

We more than welcome constructive reviews, and nobody’s perfect.  But this accusation of “doing it for cash” is nonsense.

If Stevie K thinks its so easy to rake in the cash in the Skate Industry, you’re more than welcome to open a store across the street.

Everyone in the business knows how competetive and cut throat the business is.  You have giants like Tilly’s, Zumiez, Active and Pacsun to compete with.  Not to mention the countless number of local shops and Online Websites who also sell the same wares.

More local shops support the local kids and skaters, and support the industry.  It’s all good.