Origin Boardshop Deck Design (Version I Evolution)

On June 27, 2013, we posted in FB this ad:

Skate Deck Design Ad


We got the following ideas and submissions:

Couple designs done by Origin Boardshop’s very own Justin Goorabian
Skate deck design submitted by Jonathan Moon! It’s even got his signature on it… When he becomes a famous skater, we’ll definitely have to run this!! Awesome effort!!
Take a look at this artwork submitted by Joe Cedillo… Look at the details..!! Amazing job Joe!!
What do you guys think about this deck design? Like it or Hate it??
Here's another Origin Boardshop deck design idea.. Simpler and cleaner looking...
Here’s another Origin Boardshop deck design idea.. Simpler and cleaner looking…

carter page deck design
Here’s a design idea from Carter.. We appreciate everyone’s feedback and contributions!!


On July 17, 2013…

We were getting closer to getting our 1st Edition of Origin’s Skate Deck. Here are the initial specs!!

Origin Boardshop 8″ Shred Deck v1
. Designed for skating in bowls, pools and parks.
. Nose and tail specifically designed for pool and street shredders.
. Has steep and deep shortboard concave.
. The concave is designed to grip your feet while you skate the streets, parks or pools.
. Dimensions: 31.5″L x 8″W
. 7 Ply Cold Pressed Maple Wood, ConCave Mold
. Original Origin Boardshop Design

Sample Image… What do you think?

Origin Boardshop Deck Specs